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Configuration and build scripts for Sirikata's installers
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These is the installer configuration and scripts for Sirikata. See
Sirikata's home page at for details on the
project. Here we have the installer project for BitRock InstallBuilder
and some helper scripts.

Short version: run

./ 1 5 8

for release v1.5.8 and upload the installers, the Mac update package,
and the update.xml to the server. Do the update.xml only after the
others finish and you verify them.


The sirikata.xml InstallBuilder project has the majority of the
configuration. To create installers for a release, make sure the raw
packages are available in, run to get things setup, then run InstallBuilder and
generate the installers. You should *not* use the sirikata.xml
file. The script generates a new copy,
sirikata-VERSION.xml for the given release. If it can be found, the
script will run InstallBuilder from the command line, completing the
process and leaving you with two installers.

The sirikata-autoupdate.xml file controls the autoupdaters, which are
included in the installer. The update[-template].ini is deployed along with the
autoupdater and mostly just records the current version and points at
the update info. Importantly, the version_id in that file must be a
positive integer. In order to handle our version numbers properly, we
use 3 digits per version level (i.e. major, minor revision), so
0010020013 is version 1.2.13.
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