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# this script demonstrates that the GIT_CONFIG is used by 'git-config'
# but *not* by 'git' itself.
# 2018 Sirio Balmelli
rm -rf ~/.gitconfig git-env-check
echo "$*" >&2
exit 1
# don't break the user's config
if [[ -e ~/.gitconfig ]]; then
# don't fail, deleting ~/.gitconfig, for obvious reasons
echo "this script would break your existing ~/.gitconfig - please remove it and run again" >&2
exit 1
git config -l | grep -q alias.he=help \
&& fail "alias 'he' already set, can't use it for this test" \
|| echo "1. the alias 'he' is unset by default"
echo "2. write a gitconfig in a non-standard location; export to GIT_CONFIG:"
mkdir git-env-check
cat <<EOF | tee git-env-check/gitconfig
he = help
export GIT_CONFIG=$(realpath git-env-check/gitconfig)
env | grep GIT_CONFIG
git config -l | grep -q alias.he=help \
|| fail "unexpected: git-config doesn't see GIT_CONFIG" \
&& echo "3. git-config DID see 'he' from GIT_CONFIG"
git he \
&& fail "git does see GIT_CONFIG: please ignore this report" \
|| echo "4. git, however, did NOT see 'he'"
ln -s $GIT_CONFIG ~/.gitconfig
git he >/dev/null \
|| fail "unexpected: git also ignores ~/.gitconfig" \
&& echo "5. git DOES see 'he' if conf is linked to '~/.gitconfig'"
echo "6. this was $(git --version)"
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