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Linkage add-on for SilverStripe
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Linkage add-on for SilverStripe


Linkage is a very simple landing page SilverStripe add-on.

It provides a place to add links that appear on the CMS landing page, in place of the default "Pages", using the built in GridField.

Screenshot ScreenShot from SilverStripe 3.1.10

Screenshot ScreenShot from SilverStripe 3.5.3 with a custom OMI Ltd. theme

Note: This is early days and the add-on is NOT all that 'flash' at the mo.

Feel free to comment with ideas!


SilverStripe Framework 3.0+

(No SilverStripe4 version available .... yet)


Please follow the standard module installation documentation

The module should reside in a top-level directory called linkage/

Don't forget, no matter how you choose to install, once done you must build and flush /dev/build?flush=all


  • Download the latest (v1.0.0) version on Linkage
  • Unzip in the root directory of your project (that should be where all your SilverStripe files are (cms,framework,reports etc))
  • rename the Linkage directory to "linkage"
  • perform a little dance


composer require sirjeff/linkage 1.0.0

or if you don't have Composer you can download composer.phar and then run:

php composer.phar require sirjeff/linkage 1.1.0

Note: don't forget to change the version to the one which you're after,

  • dev-master Always the latest code ... can be risky but!
  • 1.0.0 The first version, not realy worth it.
  • 1.1.0 Major code tidy and minor style changes.


There is a problem in the way the module holds focus in the CMS. I'm looking at this now ... it might mean that I cannot have the page the landing by default without the user having to modify their _config.yml file Please use the issues link to add any bungness you find, or check to see what's going on in the funky functions world.

The Future...

  • Nicer look'n'feel
  • Settings such as 'Don't be default landing' or 'x Links per page'
  • Proper link adding. Currently they be text fields. Would prefer something more 'URL-esque'
  • Import and Export
  • URL test when adding a link


Dwayne <dwayne at omi dot nz>

OMI Ltd. <adm at omi dot nz>

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