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a makefile-like farbfeld mixer
Perl Makefile Shell
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ffmk — a makefile-like farbfeld mixer

demo image

This perl script is able to parse a specific input file (see for syntax) and call the farbfeld tools specified. It is possible to include mathematical expressions (inside []) and use variables. These variables are simple text replacements and are replaced before the mathematical expressions.


The program receives a recipe file via STDIN. You can choose the output style:

1. Output directly to files. With the --files flag you can tell the tool to output all targets to their own files (called <target>.ff).

2. Output to STDOUT. The default behaviour is to output the targets to STDOUT. The format is like this: target:farbfeld<binary-data>dlefbraf:target:farbfeld<binary-data>dlefbraf...

You can also treat the resulting data stream as input for the ffextract script. This script can extract the image channels and extract one to STDOUT or more to files (--files).

Output EBNF

This information can help you write a parser/filter program. For more information about farbfeld see the official site.

Output = Record | ( Record, Output ) ;
Record = Target, ":", FarbfeldData, MagicReverse, ":" ;
Target = AlphaNumeric ;
MagicReverse = "dlefbraf" ;

FarbfeldData = Magic, Width, Height, ImageData ;
Magic = "farbfeld" ;
ImageData = { Red, Green, Blue, Alpha } ;

Example Recipe File

Assuming you have my farbfeld tools installed.

# the size (this is a comment btw)

result: dep color
	dep color | ff-mul

dep: glow sine
	glow sine | ff-mul

# it is also possible to make calculations inside []

	ff-singen(SIZE SIZE 5)

	ff-color(SIZE SIZE 1.0 0.8 0.2 1.0)


sudo make install

To remove the package use sudo make uninstall. Please note that there is a valid PKGBUILD for Arch Linux.

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