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landfillbaby and sirjuddington don't save extended timestamps with 7z (#899)
also use UTF-8 filenames in zips just in case of non-acsii characters, and level 9 compression because why not
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It's a Doom Editor


SLADE3 is a modern editor for Doom-engine based games and source ports. It has the ability to view, modify, and write many different game-specific formats, and even convert between some of them, or from/to other generic formats such as PNG.

SLADE3 can be considered a successor to both SLumpEd and SLADE - it combines the features of both, to create an all-in-one editor. Why does it keep the name of what was previously just a map editor? Because it fits :)


Here is a brief list of features implemented in the current version of SLADE:

Basic archive/resource editing
All the basic resource management features you'd expect: Create/Open/Save archives, import/export, ordering, rename, etc.

Simple tabbed interface
Open multiple archives at once and switch between them easily via tabs. This enables simple copy/paste from one archive to another, among many other benefits.

Many supported game formats
In addition to full Doom WAD and ZIP/PK3 support, many other game formats are supported, including:

  • Quake PAK/WAD2 and HUD image format
  • Build GRP and ART format images
  • Shadowcaster DAT/LIB along with most of its image formats
  • Amulets & Armor RES, MipImage and UI gfx
  • Many more

Advanced text editor
The SLADE3 text editor can recognise many text based languages, and provide syntax hilighting, function calltips and autocomplete for them. It also has a bunch of other useful text editing features such as autoindent and find / replace.

Graphic conversion
All supported graphic formats can be converted to PNG/DoomGfx/DoomFlat and more, with an advanced graphic conversion dialog that provides conversion options and previews.

Texture editing
Edit Doom composite textures (TEXTUREx) with the easy-to-use SLADE3 texture editor. Also fully supports ZDoom's enhanced composite texture format (TEXTURES).