@sirjuddington sirjuddington released this May 16, 2015 · 1147 commits to master since this release

Assets 4

Another minor update with various bugfixes and small improvements


  • Support for ZDoom long map/texture names
  • 'Online Documentation' now opens within SLADE in a tab, rather than opening the wiki in a browser
  • Disabled update check on non-Windows operating systems
  • Reimplemented old wxHTML start page, used by default in linux to avoid requiring webkit to compile (although Ubuntu repositories now include wxWebView packages)
  • Log file is now written to the user directory
  • Fixed issue with DECORATE parsing that could cause a lockup if a non-lowercase #include statement was present
  • 'Close All' now actually closes all open archives
  • Fixed keybind changes not applying until SLADE is restarted
  • Various other minor fixes and improvements

Resource Editor

  • Copied entries are now also copied to the system clipboard
  • Changes to files within directories opened as archives in SLADE are now detected and can be imported
  • 'Add to TEXTUREx' now works with ZDoom TEXTURES
  • Updated language definitions
  • Fixed parsing problem with 'Jump To' in the text editor
  • Various entry type detection fixes

Map Editor

  • Added support for named arg values and flags in the line properties dialog
  • Added numeric input text box on the action special selector
  • Fixed hanging things having reversed z-height
  • Corrected various issues with sector type definitions
  • Fixed a crash on attempting to create a sector in a map with no lines
  • Fixed possible lockup on pasting map architecture
  • Fixed 3d mode mouselook when using SFML in linux

A more detailed list of changes can be found here