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Assets 3

Changes since the last beta:

Map Editor:

  • Implemented 'Object Edit' feature, similar to DB2's edit mode. Default key to begin edit is 'e'
    • Move and scale by dragging the edit box from the middle or edges
    • Rotate by holding ctrl and dragging the edit box corners
    • Holding shift will disable grid snapping
    • A bar will show at the bottom of the window allowing manual entry of offset/scale/rotation values
  • 'Shape Draw' panel changed to a bar that shows at the bottom of the window during shape drawing
  • 3d mode camera moves faster when shift is held

Resource Editor:

  • Added toolbars to most entry panels, replacing the top bar and 'custom' toolbars added to the main bar
  • Added 'Modify Offsets' button to gfx entry panel
  • Added 'Convert to...' to gfx entry panel toolbar
  • Renamed 'Gfx' entry list context submenu to 'Graphics' - will now only show when multiple entries are selected (to avoid having both 'Gfx' and 'Graphic' submenus showing at once)
  • MIDIs can now be played (in Windows) without specifying a soundfont to use (the system MIDI device will be used instead of Fluidsynth)
  • Undo/Redo should now work for zip archives

Texture Editor:

  • Rearranged the layout somewhat so that the UI fits better on smaller screens (for TEXTURES editing in particular)


  • Updated the start page layout, changed to use wxWebView (which uses a proper HTML renderer - IE on Windows and WebKit on Linux/OSX)
  • Added toolbar size option - Small (16x16, default), Medium (24x24) and Large (32x32). Mostly for use with High-PPI displays (eg. 'Retina' screens)
  • Added ability to create a new map without opening/creating an archive first
  • Added a basic 'first time setup' wizard, with pages to set up temp folder, base resource archives and node builders
  • Added 'Run Map/Archive' feature
  • Various tweaks/improvements/bug fixes, including (hopefully) fixing the 'stuck gfx offsets' bug