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Assets 3

There have been many changes since beta 2, and this will hopefully be the last beta before a final 3.0.1 release. Below is a list of major changes since beta 2:

Map Editor:

  • Implemented line/sector merging on move/paste/object edit
  • Implemented flat rotation preview (UDMF)
  • Added map checks panel, Ctrl+4 to toggle
  • Added basic info to the status bar
  • Added key to toggle grid snapping
  • Map view panning can now be performed at any time
  • Added map editor cursor crosshair (off by default)
  • Various game configuration additions and improvements
    • Added games: Chex Quest and Urban Brawl
  • Added (basic) ability to add custom UDMF properties to objects
  • Various improvements to the map texture browser
    • Added more subcategories for different texture types
    • Added ability to sort by usage count
  • Line lengths are now displayed on line draw and object edit
  • Improved DECORATE parsing
  • Implemented 'action lines', eg. hilighting a line with a special will show arrows from the line to any tagged sectors
  • Implemented actor pathing preview lines
  • Many other minor fixes and improvements

Resource Editor:

  • Fixed problems with non-ASCII characters in text entries
  • Hex viewer can now also show grid cells as decimal or ASCII
  • Colourise and Tint can be applied to multiple gfx entries
  • Many other minor fixes and improvements

Texture Editor:

  • Fixed some problems with the TEXTURES editor and scaling
  • Added 'Rename Each' for textures


  • Various undo/redo related fixes
  • Improved start page

For a full, detailed list of changes since beta 2: 3.1.0_b2...3.1.0_b3