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Assets 3

Another beta, hopefully this one is actually the last one :P

Remember that you need the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 x86 Runtime to use the Windows build.

Changes since beta 3:


  • Opening archives by dragging and dropping files on the startpage works again.
  • Directories can be opened as archives now.
  • Recent files now have icons to identify the type.
  • Three tab styles to choose from.
  • The enter key can be used to validate inputs once again (but it's still broken for floating point input boxes, because of wxWidgets).
  • More options can be handled through the preference panels instead of being only obscure CVARs.
  • Map editor launcher no longer lets you load a map in an incorrect format for the configuration.
  • Any WADs in the root of a zip/dir are now opened automatically.

Resource Editor:

  • Sound volume slider is accurate since the start now (before you had to touch the slider to get it to have an effect).
  • FluidSynth player can now load several soundfonts at once.
  • Last color choices for tint/colourise are now remembered.
  • Translations can be previewed in truecolor; which is useful if you're using the translation editor to get translation strings for DECORATE/ACS for GZDoom, instead of using it to directly change pictures.
  • Entries can now be sorted.
  • Added some extra colour configuration options and themes for the text editor.

Texture Editor:

  • Double-clicking a texture lump opens the texture editor on this lump
  • Improved TEXTURES support
  • When saving textures, only texture lumps that have actually been modified are rewritten. This will allow you to preserve comments in TEXTURES lumps if you didn't edit them.
  • If there are too many texture tabs to display at once, arrows and a drop-down button allow to access tabs hidden beyond the panel's borders.
  • Textures can now be sorted.

Map Editor:

  • Map editor renderer now support hi-res textures.
  • Action lines handle convex/non-contiguous sectors better.
  • Some map editor crashes and bugs found and fixed.
  • Action lines and action paths should be a lot faster now.
  • 3d mode now renders in the correct aspect ratio (will look closer to what it does in-game).
  • Added option to auto-apply property changes.
  • Quick texture/flat selection in 3d mode now shows all resource textures (not just TEXTUREx/flats).
  • Added a few more toolbar buttons and menu items that were previously only accessible via shortcut keys.
  • Various improvements to the properties panel.
  • Several bugs have been fixed.

Format Support:

  • SWITCHES and ANIMATED lumps can be compiled from and decompiled into SWANTBLS syntax.
  • ROTT's masked pictures with translucency are now supported.
  • Fixed obscure bugs which affected Heretic II, Amulet & Armor, and CyClones images.
  • HMI, HMP, and XMI music playback has been implemented.
  • PC speaker sound playback is now emulated.
  • DMX pad bytes are properly handled.

Detailed list of changes since beta 3: 3.1.0_b3...3.1.0_b4