3.1.0 beta 5

@sirjuddington sirjuddington released this May 20, 2014 · 1007 commits to master since this release

Another beta, things seem to be pretty stable now so this is very likely to be the real last beta before 3.1.0 final.

Changes since beta 4:


  • Various updates and additions to game and language configurations
  • Added more settings to the preferences dialog, rearranged sections a bit
  • Many various improvements and bug fixes

Resource Editor:

  • Fixed pausing/slowness in text editor
  • Modified archives now show a * on their tab title
  • Added new 'index' column to entry list
  • Added option to alternate entry list row colours

Map Editor:

  • Added undo history panel to map editor window
  • Text on info overlay is now wrapped when too long to fit
  • Object flip/mirror feature (also can be done during object edit)
  • Shift+click during paste doesn't end the paste operation, to make pasting something multiple times easier
  • Option to invert mouse Y axis in 3d mode
  • New properties dialogs for map objects (lines, sectors, things)
  • New 'Show Item' and 'Show Full Map' menu functions

TEXTUREx Editor:

  • Fixed 'Modify Offsets' for TEXTURES

Full list of changes: 3.1.0_b4...3.1.0_b5