@sirjuddington sirjuddington released this Dec 12, 2015

Assets 4


  • Added options to change icon sets for toolbars and entry list
  • Added new 'Rounded' icon set for the entry list
  • Fixed various issues with crashing or hanging on startup due to invalid/broken slade.cfg or executables.cfg files
  • Added a bunch of extra info to the crash dialog
  • Fixed acs output coming up blank when using gdcc-acc (thanks @Monsterovich)
  • Only allow a single instance of SLADE to be open at once
    • Opening an archive using 'open with' or file association will open it in the existing SLADE instance rather than opening a new one
  • Show a warning if a custom temp directory is selected and it is not empty
  • Fixed various issues with Timidity MIDI playback
  • Updated language and game definitions (thanks @Blue-Shadow)


  • Allow setting .app folders as an executable in the run dialog

Resource Editor

  • Various enhancements to the audio player:
    • Display metadata for MIDI entries
  • More conversion options between audio formats
  • Added option to show confirmation on 'Revert Entry' (from either the entry list or entry panel)

Map Editor

  • Coloured fog preview in 3d mode (thanks @Monsterovich)
  • Various improvements to the line properties dialog (thanks @Monsterovich & @eevee)
  • Fix undo/redo not working with mirror/flip actions (thanks @Monsterovich)
  • Fix some problems with map architecture merging (thanks @eevee)
  • Fix arg0str UDMF property being removed (thanks @eevee)
  • Various other minor fixes and improvements (thanks @eevee)

Texture Editor

  • Dragging left click outside a texture will now adjust its offsets (TEXTURES only)

Format Support

  • Added support for Chasm: The Rift BIN archives (thanks @alexey-lysiuk)
  • Added support for ILBM image format
  • Fixed Heretic 2 image formats support