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This repository has been archived by the owner on Nov 9, 2017. It is now read-only.


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Note that this project is discontinued as it has been completely superseded by SLADE. I am just putting the source up here for archival purposes.


SLumpEd is a wad lump management tool. Sure there are many of these out already, but this one I designed just to be simple, and to be able to import any kind of file as a lump, without the manager complaining and/or converting it to an undesirable format. The layout and controls should really be self-explanatory.


  • All the basic features you'd expect of a wad lump manager (create/open/save wads, manipulate lump ordering, import/export lumps, etc)
  • Full zip/pk3 support including directory manipulation
  • Open multiple wadfiles at once in tabs
  • Cut/copy/paste lumps either within a wad or across multiple wads
  • Simple, easy-to-use, nice looking interface
  • Advanced text editor with syntax hilighting and autocomplete for various text lump types (ACS scripts, DECORATE, etc)
  • Full PNG image support, including offset manipilation and high-colour support
  • Compile ACS scripts
  • Convert between PNG/BMP/Doom Gfx/Doom Flat image formats
  • Ability to edit TEXTUREx lumps

Planned Features

  • Wad merging
  • Convert between doom wad and zip formats
  • View more lump types (map data, palette, etc)
  • Open lumps in external programs for editing
  • Much more...


Just extract the program somewhere (preferrably to it's own directory).

Shortcut Keys

Lump List:

  • Delete - Delete
  • Ctrl+U - Move up
  • Ctrl+D - Move down
  • Ctrl+X - Cut
  • Ctrl+C - Copy
  • Ctrl+V - Paste
  • Ctrl+I - Import
  • Ctrl+E - Export
  • Ctrl+W - Export To Wad
  • Ctrl+R or F2 - Rename
  • Ctrl+Alt+R - Reload

TEXTUREx Editor:

  • Delete - Remove selected patch
  • (Arrow Keys) - Move selected patch
  • Ctrl+B - Push patch back
  • Ctrl+F - Bring patch forward
  • Ctrl+Left - Next patch
  • Ctrl+Right - Previous patch


A (discontinued) Wad/Lump manager for Doom






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