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Bootstrap Nuget Packages

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Most package content files are directly from the officially released source on the twbs/bootstrap repository


From the root directory via the command line

Install the grunt cli tools globally if not already installed

npm install -g grunt-cli

Install the required modules

npm install

Build the packages to the dist folder for local distribution



Install commands entered from within the Visual Studio nuget package manager powershell console

Twitter.Bootstrap As of the v3.0.1 release of bootstrap all users of this package will be redirected to the new Bootstrap package that ships with Visual Studio 2013. The new package will be maintained by the Outercurve foundation just like many other popular packages on nuget, like jQuery. For more info visit

PM> install-package Bootstrap

Twitter.Bootstrap.Less Package is based on the twbs/boostrap LESS source files. Installing will enable you to make your own modifications and compile the results.

If using Visual Studio, I recommend installing the latest version of the Web Essentials extension. It will compile and minify the less files automatically and provide a real time preview of your changes at design time.

PM> install-package Twitter.Bootstrap.Less

Twitter.Bootstrap.MVC This package is meant to replace or complement the Bootstrap package for those using MVC 5.1. Upon installation it adds bundling and minification support for easy integration into your shared layouts and views.

For more information on bundling and minification in MVC visit

PM> install-package Twitter.Bootstrap.MVC

For MVC 4 PM> install-package Twitter.Bootstrap.MVC -version 2.0.0


All release versions correspond with the bootstrap repository's <major>.<minor>.<patch> semantic format.