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+jEditable inline editing module
+1. Place this module in your favorite modules directory (i.e., sites/all/modules/)
+2. Download the jEditable jQuery plugin from
+ If you're in *nix and in the module directory, you can use this:
+ wget
+3. Enable the module
+ If you're at the command line, then hopefully you have drush you can use:
+ drush en jeditable
+4. Turn on the "use jeditable" permission for all rolls you want to have access to jeditable operations.
+ The module respects basic node access, so saving using jeditable will only work if the user has "update" permissions on the node.
+ However, if they don't have update permissions, they will still get the jeditable input forms, so this needs some thought for your application.
+5. Go to the "display settings" of your node, or into the display settings for a view with fields in it and
+ enable the jEditable textfield, jEditable textarea, jEditable datetime or jEditable noderefence fields as appropriate
+6. Finally, load a node, "click to edit", and enjoy!
+Instructions for Workflow integration
+If you have the workflow module, you can use jeditable to change workflow statuses. It won't show up anywhere
+by default, but you can place it in .tpl.php files by using the following theme function:
+theme('jeditable_workflow', $node);
+You can also use the computed_field module to get this to show up as a field in views and elsewhere. Use
+the following snippets.
+For "Computed Code":
+$node_field[0]['value'] = workflow_get_state_name($node->workflow);
+For "Display format":
+$display = theme('jeditable_workflow', $element['#node']);
+For Data type, select "varchar" and set data length to 60 (or whatever you set as maximum length for workflow state names)
+What this will do is store the workflow state name in the database so that you can use this in views and sort by state name.
+What is then displayed is themed jeditable select drop down.

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