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Branch: 7.x-1.x
Commits on Mar 1, 2012
  1. Adding textarea formatter which gives the correct class and uses the …

    …correct options as opposed to textfield.
  2. Run through Code Sniffer.

Commits on Nov 30, 2011
  1. @MurzNN

    Fixes for issue [#1297178]

    MurzNN authored
  2. @MurzNN

    Fixed issue [#1297374]

    MurzNN authored
  3. @MurzNN

    Updated code for 7.x and some fixes:

    MurzNN authored
    - based on patch from user duellj -
    - added feature to edit empty fields (now only in views table cells, not in node view page)
    - added support for non-translatable fields
    - added support for basic editing boolean and list fields (key only)
    - added basic support for node published, sticky, promote fields
Commits on Feb 25, 2011
  1. Stripping CVS keywords

    The Great Git Migration authored Drupal Git User (LDAP) committed
Commits on Jan 5, 2011
  1. Actually adding README.txt this time

    Dave Ingram authored
Commits on Jan 4, 2011
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