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* @file
* Downsync command for Drush
* Implements hook_drush_command().
function downsync_drush_command() {
$items = array();
$items['downsync'] = array(
'description' => "Sync one environment's db and files to another.",
'arguments' => array(
'source-alias' => 'Alias of the source site to copy from.',
'destination-alias' => 'Alias of the destination site to copy to.',
'examples' => array(
'drush downsync @prod @local' => 'sql-sync the database and rsync the files from @prod to @local',
'aliases' => array('dsync'),
'drush dependencies' => array('sql', 'core'),
return $items;
* Actual function run by the downsync command.
function drush_downsync($source = NULL, $destination = NULL) {
// Make sure we have the source-dump and target-dump options.
$source_dump = drush_get_option('source-dump');
if (!isset($source_dump)) {
drush_set_option('source-dump', '/tmp/dump.sql');
$target_dump = drush_get_option('target-dump');
if (!isset($target_dump)) {
drush_set_option('target-dump', '/tmp/dump.sql');
// Execute a drush sql-sync
print dt('SQL Sync running... NOTE: if you do not have ssh passwordless logins setup, you may be asked for your password multiple times.');
drush_invoke('sql-sync', $source, $destination);
// Rsync the files.
print dt('Rsync-ing files...');
drush_invoke('rsync', $source .':%files', $destination .':%files');
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