Allows the pressing of the Tab key on one's keyboard to automatically complete portions of an input field.
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Tab completion is:

This is a bash-type multi-tab, rotating and case-insensitive completion code snippet, that was written in response to a feature request for the Nodester IRC project: Encouraged by the person that made the feature request, sirkitree ( and by alejandromg ( from Nodester (, here is the snippet for whomever is interested.

It was tested on a Windows Xp machine over IE8 version 8.0.6001.18702, FF 11.0 and Chrome 18.0.1025.142 m.

The code uses space as separator. The completion source is represented by any string array: ["Abraham Lincoln", "abacus Moire", "22", "brocard 1", "ab!ba", "crocard", "cribauld", "cronos"].   

    We want our message to be: "alejandromg, microp11 say hi"
    So we write:
    al <TAB>
    msg: alejandromg
    then we type ", mic" <TAB>
    msg: alejandromg, microp11
    then " says hi"
    so the msg will be "alejandromg, microp11, says hi" :P