Performance radiator data aggregation and visualization
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What it is

Perfgraph is the visualizer for performance regression data of Jenkins JMeter tests. Data is gathered by perfdata project. The data is stored in mongodb and visualized with d3.

Currently it is used in KIOS and the dataflow goes like this

Jenkins (JMeter) -> (process-builds) -> mongodb -> (access data) -> browser (d3)

This project is specialiced to current toolchain and has some hardcoded parameters in it.


In production, heavily tailored data retrieval. Production special parsing of troughput data. Classes under server package have to be tailored to specific data sources and format.

Setting up the development environment

  1. Install nvm, mongod and start mongod
curl | sh
# restart shell to get nvm into environment
nvm install 0.8
brew install mongodb
# debian/ubuntu: apt-get install mongodb-10gen
  1. Clone and start the application (without any data)
git clone
cd perfgraph
npm install
npm run build-client
npm run dev-start
open http://localhost:3000


Uses localhost as mongodb host. Uses database "kios-perf". Default collections are hardcoded into server/[services,tietopalvelut,tulosteet].coffee :).

Other requirements

For meaningful data some performance measurements builds are needed. The code is tailored to get JMeter logs from a Jenkins server job. Example implementation is used internally, so the default urls must be edited under server/[services,tietopalvelut,tulosteet].coffee


sirkkalap - Petri Sirkkala, KIOS, Solita

Screenshot of the radiator