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The script that thefloweringash and I use to backup GoogleMail emails using oauth+IMAP
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= Installation =
sudo gem install lockfile
sudo gem install maildir
sudo gem install oauth

= Configuration =
Just run the program with the example config. 
It should guide you through setting up OAuth for your gmail account.

= Automatic backups on Mac Os X =
From the mac-launchd folder, copy the .plist to ~/Library/LaunchAgents and the other file to ~/Library/Scripts (create this folder if neccessary).
Edit both files to update paths.
	launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/email.backup.plist
to register and start the background service.
To check if it's running, use 
	launchctl list | grep email.back
The first column should contain a pid, telling you that the backup is running.
The second column will later on contain the exit code, 0 meaning everything worked fine.
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