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Bot used on /r/SexyWomanOfTheDay


The purpose of this bot is to make daily changes to via Reddit's API. This is done via a Python class,, which is based on Praw. Along side the class, there are several scripts for either user interaction or automation. Data is stored in an Sqlite3 database.


Fetch the current version however you wish. There is no installation required beyond this point, but one must create the tables and configure

  1. Run "sqlite3 swotd.db < database_schemata.txt" to create the database.
  2. Edit the variables "username" and "password" with your bot's Reddit account information. Edit "subreddit" to reflect which subreddit the bot is supposed to manage. (Remember that the user account from the previous line has to be a mod of the subreddit!)

That should be all that is required to get it running, modulo configuring your system to execute some scripts periodically. (I have cron jobs to run "daily" every day at 3am, as well as run "post" every thirty minutes thereafter.)

User scripts

There are several scripts for manipulating the database and managing the subreddit. You can run these after the database is configured.

addgirl inserts a girl into the database. She is not scheduled. Simply say something like

./addgirl Alison Brie

addtheme does the same, but for a theme, like

./addtheme Community

Themes are managed as girls, but are differentiated in the database.

search lets you search for girls. No wildcards are supported, but you can use a partial string, ignoring case For example, ./search na would return Natalie Portman and Adriana Lima.

schedule takes a girl's id and schedules her for a future available date. It does not detect "holes" in the schedule, but you can use schedule-date to fill the hole manually.

makepost prepares a post for a girl. The girl does not have to be scheduled yet. You use it like

makepost 293 'Wowza, look at that!' ''

makedistinguishedpost works similarly, but the post is mod-distinguished when it is made.

random simply prints a list of ten random girls -- for when you're having trouble deciding whom to schedule next. :)

showposts shows scheduled posts; showposts-girl shows the posts for the girl whose id you supply.

Automation scripts

The scripts daily, post, and update-sidebar are intended to be run by a cron job, but could be run yourself if you like. post submits the next eligible post to your subreddit. update-sidebar does what you think it does; see the corresponding function in to see its behavior. daily updates the subreddit's flair, css, and sidebar in one go.

Here is the crontab that I use for automated moderation.

# m h  dom mon dow   command

# min | hour | date | month| day  | cmd...
0       3      *      *      *      cd ~sirloinsirloin2/swotd; ./daily
*/30    3-23   *      *      *      cd ~sirloinsirloin2/swotd; ./post