Basecamp Classic API Wrapper for PHP 5.3+
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Basecamp Classic API Wrapper for php 5.3+

This is a php library to access the classic Basecamp API. Collection classes provide methods to query the api and wrap each result item in an entity object. Entity objects come with methods such as update() and delete() to persist themselfes via the api. Functionality is provided to attach and detach observers to collections and entities – this is useful for logging or to print current activity to the terminal.

Supported Features

  • Person: startMe(), startById(), startAllByProjectId(), startAll() etc
  • Project: startById(), startAll(), copy(), replicate() etc
  • Milestone: startAllByProjectId(), create(), update(), delete(), complete(), uncomplete() etc
  • Todolist: startById(), startAllByProjectId(), startAllByResponsibiltyParty(), create(), update(), delete() etc
  • Todoitems: startAllByTodoListId(), startById(), create(), update(), delete(), complete(), uncomplete() etc
  • Comments: startAllByResourceId(), startById()
  • Timetracking: startAllByProjectId(), startById()


  • php 5.3+ (uses namespaces)

Getting Started

Please find plenty of working examples in the basecamp/example/basecamp directory. Here’s the basics:

First Steps

  1. git clone git:// sirprize-basecamp
  2. cd sirprize-basecamp
  3. curl -sS | php
  4. php composer.phar install
  5. create a dummy project in your basecamp account
  6. adjust sirprize-basecamp/example/basecamp/_config.php with your own settings
  7. make files executable in sirprize-basecamp/example/basecamp/(milestone|person|project|todoitem|todolist)/*
  8. make writeable sirprize-basecamp/example/_logs
  9. run examples


use Sirprize\Basecamp\Service;

$config = array(
	'baseUri' => '',
	'username' => 'xxx',
	'password' => 'xxx'

$service = new Service($config);

Fetch all projects

$projects = $service->getProjectsInstance()->startAll();

foreach($projects as $project)
	print $project->getName()."\n";

Copy a project

use Sirprize\Basecamp\Id;

 * populate the target-project with the milestones,
 * todo-lists and todo-items from the source-project

$sourceProjectId = new Id('xxx');
$targetProjectId = new Id('yyy');

$projects = $service->getProjectsInstance();
$sourceProject = $projects->startById($sourceProjectId);

Replicate a project (push deadlines to a new date)

use Sirprize\Basecamp\Id;
use Sirprize\Basecamp\Date;
use Sirprize\Basecamp\Schema\Export;

 * populate the target-project with the milestones,
 * todo-lists and todo-items from the source-project.
 * the last milestone deadline is pushed to 2010-12-30 and
 * all other deadlines will be calculated relative to it

$sourceProjectId = new Id('xxx');
$targetProjectId = new Id('yyy');

$projects = $service->getProjectsInstance();
$sourceProject = $projects->startById($sourceProjectId);
$referenceDate = new Date('2010-12-30');
$referenceMilestone = Export::REFERENCE_EXTREMITY_LAST;
$sourceProject->replicate($targetProjectId, $referenceDate, $referenceMilestone);

Create a new milestone

use Sirprize\Basecamp\Id;
use Sirprize\Basecamp\Date;

$milestones = $service->getMilestonesInstance();
$milestone = $milestones->getMilestoneInstance();
$deadline = new Date('2010-03-01');
$projectId = new Id('xxx');
$userId = new Id('xxx');

	->setTitle('Milestoners Everywhere')


  • Account
  • Companies
  • Categories
  • Messages
  • Comments: create(), update(), delete()
  • Time tracking: startAllByTodoItemId(), create(), update(), delete()