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This store provides a dojo/store interface when working with LocalStorage. Check out the Dojo Object Store Tutorial or the Creating Dojo Stores Tutorial


LocalStorage only works with key/value pairs where value is a string. Dojo-local-storage in contrast works with objects. A JSON serialization of an object is stored in LocalStorage, storing strings directly is not supported.


require(["dojo-local-storage/LocalStorage"], function (LocalStorage) {
    var store = new LocalStorage({
        idProperty: 'id'

    // storing an object
    var id = store.add({
        title: 'Elementarteilchen',
        year: 2006,
        id: 'abc'

    // querying the store
    var result = store.query({
        year: 2006
        sort: [{ attribute:"year", descending: false }]

    // updating an object
    var id = store.put({
        id: 'abc',
        title: 'Elementarteilchen',
        year: 2006

    // getting an object
    var object = store.get('abc');

    // deleting an object

Working With A Data Subset By Configuration

Sometimes it can be desirable to configure a store such that it only operates on a subset of data. This feature can be helpful to use LocalStorage as a read/writeable replacement for a remote API during development. Transparently to a client, Dojo-local-storage adds a property to each object it stores and removes it upon retrieval. Name and value of this property can be passed to the constructor upon instantiation

var store = new LocalStorage({
    subsetProperty: 'mySubsetProperty',
    subsetName: "movies"

Running Tests

  1. cd <path-to-dojo-local-storage>
  2. npm install
  3. Point browser to http://<localhost>/dojo-local-storage/node_modules/intern/client.html?config=tests/intern


Original Gist by dmachi