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A maven plugin that executes nodejs commands
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A maven plugin that executes nodejs commands

How to install:


Use your own repository

Upload nodejs artifacts to your own repository or use Sirrapa's repositories.

Use the Sirrapa repositories

Add the following repositories to your pom.xml or settings.xml

Configure your pom file:
    <name>Sample pom</name>
                <!-- Optional, if you want the js to compile when mvn:compile... -->
                <!-- Optional end -->
                    <!-- Optional, the values are default -->
                    <!-- Optional end -->
                                <argument>-o buildconfig.js</argument>
Test it
mvn nodejs:compile


An example project is located at ://nodejs-maven-plugin/tree/master/src/test/resources/projects/project-001

If you want to the nodejs-maven-plugin always to run when for instance compiling, just add the following section to the plugin configuration: com.sirrapa.maven.plugins nodejs-maven-plugin compile-js process-resources compile ...

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