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Interactive browsing of a database + integration with Scorpion (if scorpion is installed).

Database Setup Instructions

# install postgresql 9+
sudo apt-get install postgresql-9.3   
sudo apt-get install libpq-dev

# set postgresql to accept localhost:5432 connections 
vi <PGHOME>/postgres.conf
# enable TCP connections
# set PORT to 5432

# create dbwipes databases
createdb status
createdb cache

Setup virtual environment

Install pip and virtualenv if you want to make sure dbwipes is installed in a self contained environment. Otherwise feel free to skip

sudo apt-get install python-pip 
pip install virtualenv

setup a virtual environment

mkdir <directory name>
cd <directory name>
virtualenv .

switch to using virtualenv binaries

. ./bin/activate


#   If you experience pain installing numpy/scipy/matplotlib, 
#   consider using enthought canopy
pip install scorpion
pip install dbwipes


Load some sample data into the database

cd <root of virtualenv directory>

These settings tell scorpion and dbwipes how to connect to the database. If you have a default postgresql installation, you may not need to edit these settings.

vi <python site-packages>/scorpionsql/       # specify your own dburl prefix.
vi <python site-packages>/dbwipes/           # specify your own dburl prefix.


Add new dataset:

# dbtruck helps import your data
pip install dbtruck <table> <db name> <datafile>

# Scorpion and DBWipes doesn't deal with nulls or quotes very well
# Replace NULLs with surrogate values, and remove nested quotes <db name> <table>                 

Precompute attribute value distributions <db name> <table>     

Start the DBWipes server --help