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import csv
import json
from collections import *
class Node(object):
def __init__(self, depth, code, descr=None):
self.depth = depth
self.descr = descr or code
self.code = code
self.parent = None
self.children = []
def add_child(self, child):
if child not in self.children:
def search(self, code):
if code == self.code: return [self]
ret = []
for child in self.children:
return ret
def find(self, code):
nodes =
if nodes:
return nodes[0]
return None
def root(self):
return self.parents[0]
def description(self):
return self.descr
def codes(self):
return map(lambda n: n.code, self.leaves)
def parents(self):
n = self
ret = []
while n:
n = n.parent
return ret
def leaves(self):
leaves = set()
if not self.children:
return [self]
for child in self.children:
return list(leaves)
# return all leaf notes with a depth of @depth
def leaves_at_depth(self, depth):
return filter(lambda n: n.depth == depth, self.leaves)
def siblings(self):
parent = self.parent
if not parent:
return []
return list(parent.children)
def __str__(self):
return '%s\t%s' % (self.depth, self.code)
def __hash__(self):
return hash(str(self))
class ICD9(Node):
def __init__(self, codesfname):
# dictionary of depth -> dictionary of code->node
self.depth2nodes = defaultdict(dict)
super(ICD9, self).__init__(-1, 'ROOT')
with file(codesfname, 'r') as f:
allcodes = json.loads(
def process(self, allcodes):
for hierarchy in allcodes:
def get_node(self, depth, code, descr):
d = self.depth2nodes[depth]
if code not in d:
d[code] = Node(depth, code, descr)
return d[code]
def add(self, hierarchy):
prev_node = self
for depth, link in enumerate(hierarchy):
if not link['code']: continue
code = link['code']
descr = 'descr' in link and link['descr'] or code
node = self.get_node(depth, code, descr)
node.parent = prev_node
prev_node = node
if __name__ == '__main__':
tree = ICD9('codes.json')
counter = Counter(map(str, tree.leaves))
import pdb