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documented how to work w/ AWS

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make runserver
+# To push to AWS
+ssh -i threemooseketeers.pem
+sudo su - django
+cd moose
+git pull
+sudo service moose stop
+sudo service moose start
+# To get it working on AWS
+sudo apt-get update
+sudo apt-get install postgresql python-pip git nginx build-essential python-psycopg2 python-dev emacs
+sudo pip install Django==1.4 uwsgi
+sudo adduser django
+sudo su - django
+git clone git://
+cd moose
+--> generate from private_settings.template
+(back as the root user)
+sudo cp wsgi/nginx/nginx.conf /etc/nginx/
+sudo cp wsgi/upstart/moose.conf /etc/init/
+sudo initctl reload-configuration
+sudo service nginx start
+sudo service moose start

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