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Semantic Versioning


Allows an object to take on versioning attributes in accordance with the Semantic Versioning specification (2.0.0). The module provides a class and a role.

Role: does Semantic::Versioning

The Semantic::Versioning role enables any object to be versioned. Four properties are added: .version, .major-version, .minor-version, and .patch-version.

Example use

class Document does Semantic::Versioning { }

my $doc = Document.new;
$doc.version = '1.6.23';
say $doc.major-version; #  1
say $doc.minor-version; #  6
say $doc.patch-version; # 23

$doc.minor-version = 7;
say $doc.version; # '1.7.23';

Class: has Semantic::Version

The class version allows for multiple versioning attributes in an object.

Example use

class Document {
  has Semantic::Version $.described-in;
  has Semantic::Version $.planned-for;
  has Semantic::Version $.implemented-in;

my $doc = Document.new;
$doc.described-in.version = '1.6.23';
say $doc.described-in.major-version; #  1
say $doc.described-in.minor-version; #  6
say $doc.described-in.patch-version; # 23

$doc.planned-for.version = '2.0.0';
$doc.implemented-in.version = '2.0.0';

# Woops, made a mistake-- got implemented in the next minor version;
say $doc.implemented-in; # '2.1.0';