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An open platform for enhanced Twitter-like communication, with user-defined metadata in each message

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Emitter is a melding of Twitter and Email, best used within organizations to support an asynchronous follower model of communication between co-workers. It allows an innovative form of shared, open conversation.

To set it up, you'll first need Mongo installed and running.

1. [Download Mongo](
2. Unpack it (unzip, tar, etc)
3. cd Downloads/mongodb-osx-x86_64-1.2.1 (or whatever the path is to the directory you just unpacked)
4. bin/mongod

Your Mongo server is running! Now you'll need to install some gems:

    gem install mongo
    gem install mongo_mapper
    gem install sinatra
    gem install json
    gem install haml
    gem install rdiscount

Then you can run the server:

    ruby server.rb

Go to http://localhost:4567/ and start using Emitter.
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