QML plugin for MuseScore, adding JianPu notation above the top staff.
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QML plugin for MuseScore, adding JianPu notation above the top staff. Jianpu (简谱) is a type of simplified notation, using 1 through 7 for DO through TI. Notation therefore is only 'relative' pitch.

This plugin is not intended to be a main functioning part of MuseScore. That is currently waiting for https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/pull/3614. However, in the mean time, this is a simple plugin which can be used. It is written for a specific project, therefore not all uses are taken into account.

Some of the limitations built into initial implementation are:

  • Only one staff / one voice functionality
  • No support for triplets of any type (jianpu number will display, just no timing)
  • Default undotted octave is hardcoded in. The lowest undotted DO is B below middle C; the highest undotted DO is A above middle C. However, there is an octave adjustment if the default octave is not appropriate for a specific piece.
  • Key signature not implemented
  • Time signature not implemented (Western style is very similar though)
  • Beaming between rests and notes is not implemented. MuseScore does not beam these either, and this plugin only follows beams already in the Western notation.


  • Commits prior to 2018-04-10 are for 2.1.3
  • Commits after 2018-04-10 are for 2.2.1

This is due to the font engine fix in 2.2