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nTimes(1, "a") will throw ClassCastException #29

freewind opened this Issue · 2 comments

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It happened in "parboiled-scala"

class MyParser extends Parser {
    def xxx = rule {
        nTimes(1, "a")

object MyParser {
    val parser = new MyParser { override val buildParseTree = true }
    val input = "any"
    val result = TracingParseRunner(        

It will throw:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassCastException: org.parboiled.matchers.CharMatcher cannot be cast to org.parboiled.matchers.SequenceMatcher
at org.parboiled.scala.Parser$$anonfun$nTimes$1.apply(Parser.scala:268)
at org.parboiled.scala.Parser$$anonfun$nTimes$1.apply(Parser.scala:268)
at org.parboiled.scala.package$.make(package.scala:121)
at org.parboiled.scala.Parser$class.nTimes(Parser.scala:267)

It happens only the times is 1


Thanks for the report!

@sirthias sirthias closed this issue from a commit
@sirthias scala: fix #29 62e71d8
@sirthias sirthias closed this in 62e71d8
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