Building parboiled

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Starting with version 0.11.2 parboiled uses the Simple Build Tool (SBT, version 0.7.7) for building. Follow the instructions on the SBT project page to have SBT installed on your system. If you are under OS/X SBT is also available via Homebrew.

Once you have SBT installed follow these steps for building parboiled yourself:

  • Clone the source repository; you have two options
    • The master branch: git clone git://
    • A specific version, choose a tagged version of the repository from the Downloads page
  • cd into the repository directory and run sbt update, SBT should download all required dependencies
  • run sbt test to build all sources and run all tests
  • run sbt package for building all distribution artifacts
  • Find the respective artifact(s) in the modules /target directories
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