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The parboiled distribution is split into three artifacts:

  • parboiled-core: The basic parsing engine
  • parboiled-java: The Java DSL and supporting parser extension code
  • parboiled-scala: The Scala DSL

All parboiled artifacts are available from maven central (after having been synced up from sonatype releases).


Apart from parboiled-core parboiled for Java only depends on:

  • asm-5.2.jar
  • asm-analysis-5.2.jar
  • asm-tree-5.2.jar
  • asm-util-5.2.jar

If you want to keep things simple you can also supply the ASM dependency with just the asm-all-5.2.jar.

For maven the respective snippet would look like this:



parboiled for Scala only depends on parboiled-core. For SBT the respective snippets look like this:

libraryDependencies += "org.parboiled" %% "parboiled-scala" % "1.1.8"
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