Projects using parboiled

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Projects reportedly using parboiled:

  • PegDown, a pure-Java Markdown processor
  • spray, a Scala framework for building RESTful web services
  • Project Lombok, very spicy additions to the Java programming language
  • Leonardo, a vector drawing tool for the 21st century
  • FantomIDE, a Netbeans-based Standalone IDE and plugin for the Fantom language
  • Komma, a framework for building Semantic Web applications
  • JLESS, a Java implementation of the LESS CSS framework
  • Jtacl, a tool to test access-lists and firewall rules in network equipments
  •, Logic-less and semantic templates with Java
  • Jtwig, a modern template engine designed for web development
  • Neo4j, a graph database uses Parboiled for the query language Cypher

Let me know if you’d like to include your project in or remove it from this page.

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