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Although still one of the most popular Markdown parsing libraries for the JVM, *pegdown* has reached its end of life.
The project is essentially unmaintained with [tickets][issues] piling up and crucial bugs not being fixed.<br/>
*pegdown*'s parsing performance isn't great. In some cases of pathological input runtime can even become exponential,
which means that the parser either appears to "hang" completely or abort processing after a time-out.
Therefore *pegdown* is not recommended anymore for use in new projects requiring a markdown parser.<br/>
Instead I suggest you turn to [@vsch]'s [flexmark-java], which appears to be an excellent replacement for these reasons:
* Modern parser architecture (based on [commonmark-java]), designed from the ground up as a *pegdown* replacement and
supporting all its features and extensions
* 30x better average parsing performance without pathological input cases
* Configuration options for a multitude of markdown dialects ([CommonMark], pegdown, [MultiMarkdown], [kramdown] and [])
* Actively maintained and used as the basis of an [IntelliJ plugin] with almost 2M downloads per year
* The author ([@vsch]) has actively contributed to *pegdown* maintenance in the last two years and is intimately familiar with *pegdown*'s internals and quirks.
In case you need support with migrating from *pegdown* to [flexmark-java], [@vsch] welcomes inquiries in [here][issues] or [here][flexmark-java issues].
[IntelliJ plugin]:
[flexmark-java issues]:
[![Maven Central](](

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