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Anki Airtable

Note: This plugin is only compatible with Anki 2.1.

This is an Anki plugin that can synchronize an Airtable to Anki when Anki starts up. At the end of the day, Anki is just a flash-card frontend to a database. Why not use Airtable as that database? Airtable is much nicer to use as a database, and makes the data searchable outside of Anki.

I use this to organize and memorize things like the trees and flowers of Ontario, cheeses from around the world, macronutrients of various foods, how to make cocktails and learning new words.

Let's say you're dying to learn when all produce is in season to impress your friends and own the local farmer's market. While you're at it, why not learn the origin of all these vegetables too? 🍅 🌽 🍆 🍎

Having all that information is great. But you really want to have a full overview of all produce by season, and not just have it in your head. Airtable is fantastic for this!

Okay, so you spent the entire afternoon typing in all the produce that grows near you:

This is awesome. You've created some super complicated views in Airtable where you filter your recipes by seasonality, so it won't show you asparagus recipes in the winter, or butternut squash in the spring. Sick.

But back to learning this by heart. You want this table in your head. Unfortunately, Airtable doesn't have a brain interface and this is likely not happening anytime soon. Your best bet to learn this by heart so you can spot the seasonal restaurants and impress your local chefs are flash cards. Basically, you want to learn this table by heart.

This is where Airtable Anki wins.

Install by importing extension 1573217784:

Then highlight the plugin and click Config, and change the configuration file:

This is very important, please make sure you understand this section.

You will need to manually create the Produce model if it doesn't exist. You will ALSO need to create cards for the model because anki-airtable will NOT import records that don't generate any cards. So: (1) create the model, (2) create cards, (3) restart Anki with this plugin.

Once you've created some cards for the new model, you'll see some brand new cards:


There's bound to be many.. this doesn't use any proper Airtable client for Python because dependencies are hard in Anki and I don't know anything about Python. To my knowledge no-one but me is using this. If you use it or have trouble getting it running, let me know in an issue!




Sync Anki with Airtable!







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