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;; License MIT
(ns mp3)
(def *debug* true)
(defn pack-with-add [n-el coll] coll)
(defn dimension-synchsafe [size]
#{:doc "Return the lenght of a frame by an array of bit of the size frame"}
; (assert (= (count size) 4) "Need of all 4 elements")
(+ (bit-shift-left (nth size 0) 21)
(bit-shift-left (nth size 1) 14)
(bit-shift-left (nth size 2) 7)
(nth size 3)))
(defn- read-kind-of-frames [header]
#^{:doc "take the 10 byte of the header frame and return the kind of the frame"}
; (assert (= (count header) 10) "Need of all the frame")
(apply str (map char (take 4 header))))
(defn- read-dimension-frame [header]
#^{:doc "take the 10 byte header and return the dimension of the frames"}
; (assert (= (count header) 10) "Need of all the frames")
(dimension-synchsafe (take 4 (drop 4 header))))
(defn- read-flag-frames [header]
#^{:doc "return the flags of the frames"}
(assert (= (count header) 10) "Need of all the frame")
(apply str (map char (take 2 (drop 8 header)))))
(defn create-unicode-char-list [list-of-two-byte-characters]
(if (empty? list-of-two-byte-characters)
(cons (apply + (map int (take 2 list-of-two-byte-characters)))
(create-unicode-char-list (drop 2 list-of-two-byte-characters)))))
(defn string-to-unicode [stringa]
(map int stringa))
(defn to-digit [b]
(if b 1 0))
(defn change-base
#^{:doc "This function inputs a number, n, and a base, base, and convert the number in the base"}
[n base]
(Integer/toString n base))
(defn to-binary [n]
(Integer/toString n 2))
(defn string-to-binary [string]
(map to-binary (string-to-unicode string)))
;; This is a fork of the onewland testbed MP3 parsing by siscia
(defn load-mp3
#^{:doc "load-mp3 loads an mp3 and returns its ID3 information"}
(def input-array-header (make-array Byte/TYPE 10)) ;; I don't like it
;; too much but i'm not sure that there is another way, so...
(let [input-stream (new filename)]
(printf "%d bytes read\n" (.read input-stream input-array-header))
(if (= (take 5 input-array-header) '(0x49 0x44 0x33 0x03 0x00))
(do (printf "ID3v2 tag found!\n %d" (nth input-array 3))
(let [rest-of-header (drop 5 input-array-header)]
(pr "Check bit.\n")
(when (bit-test (first rest-of-header) 7) (pr "Unsynchronization set.\n"))
(when (bit-test (first rest-of-header) 6) (do (def extend-header true) (pr "Extended header set.\n")))
(when (bit-test (first rest-of-header) 5) (pr "Experimental indicator set.\n"))
(when (bit-test (first rest-of-header) 4) (pr "Footer present.\n"))
(let [header-size
(dimension-synchsafe (take 4 (drop 1 rest-of-header)))
id3-no-header (byte-array header-size)] ;;No considerate a Extended header
(printf "\nHeader length = %d\n" header-size )
(do (.read input-stream id3-no-header) ;;copy the
;;byte from the stream (input-stream) to the
;;array (id3-no-header) TODO better
(.close input-stream)
(read-id3-tags id3-no-header header-size)))))
(pr "Not a valid MP3 with ID3v2 tags")))))
(defn get-tag [filename]
(with-open [input-stream (new filename)]
(let [header-array (byte-array 10)]
(do (.read input-stream header-array))
(let [header-size (dimension-synchsafe (drop 6 header-array)),
tag-array (byte-array header-size)]
(do (.read input-stream tag-array))
[tag-array, header-size] ))))
(defn read-id3-tags [frame-array header-size]
(loop [frame-no 0 frame-start frame-array total-bytes-so-far 0 acc (hash-map)]
(if (< total-bytes-so-far header-size)
(let [size-of-frame (read-dimension-frame (take 10 frame-start))]
(let [frame-array (take size-of-frame (drop 11 frame-start))
frame-title (read-kind-of-frames (take 10 frame-start))
frame-content frame-array]
(when *debug*
(printf "Frame %d: %s, Size: %d, Content: %s\n" frame-no frame-title
size-of-frame (apply str (map char frame-content))))
(recur (+ 1 frame-no)
(drop (+ 10 size-of-frame) frame-start)
(+ total-bytes-so-far 10 size-of-frame)
(assoc acc frame-title frame-content))))
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