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Proof of Visit


Everything here is work in progress


The goal is to design and build a system to provide a proof that one or several machines (e.g. a user smartphone) has been physically close to a certification device (e,g. a ruuvi tag), recording the information in a blockchain.

This is a very general concept which could be applied in many domains, some of which are:

  • prove that two or more parties were together when signing a contract,
  • prove that a guardian does a tour of a secured building every night,
  • prove that the person providing medical care to a relative did actually visit him or her every day,
  • create a rewarding mechanism, e.g. in form of local cryptocurrency, for people visiting your tourist destination, be it a town, a tourist office, or a monument,
  • ensure that digital reputation of a place -e.g. a rating on a hotel- is only given by users which have physically being in the place itself in order to avoid fake reviews or comments disclaimer: Tourism and Hospitality is our use case, visit http://sismotur.com for our background

Simple example of how the system would work:

  • 1 the signing device, e.g. a Ruuvi tag, broadcasts a bluetooth signal to show it's open to a connection
  • 2 the user opens a dedicated app and launches the signing process by clicking on a button (with a nice UI/UX etc)
  • 3a the Ruuvi gives a random string to the smartphone, and gives some seconds to the smartphone to sign it
  • 3b the smartphone takes the random string, signs it with its private key, and gives the bundle back to the Ruuvi tag
  • 3c the Ruuvi adds a timestamp, wraps the whole message with its own signature, and sends it back to the smartphone
  • 3d the smartphone sends the whole message as a transaction block to IOTA and
  • 3e the user gets a final confirmation that the Proof of Visit transaction went OK

Step 3 is automated


  • IoT device that broadcasts a service and signs the Proof of Visit
  • Smartphone/IoT device that requests the Proof of Visit
  • The syntax and semantics of the message itself
  • The system that sends the message to a Blockchain-based system of record
  • The Blockchain used to store the messages
  • The software -blockchain based or not- used to read and process the messages and do useful things with them