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Node.js CLI tool for calculating overtime for letsfreckle.com.

NOTE: Currently does not support selecting a user. This tool will only be beneficial to you if you are the sole person making entries in your freckle sub-domain.

How to use

To install:

npm install freckle-overtime -g

To run the initial setup:

freckle-overtime configure

To calculate overtime:


For help:

freckle-overtime -h




Where do I get my Freckle API authentication token?

  • Log in to your Freckle sub-domain
  • From the bar on the left select Integrations & Apps
  • Click the Freckle API tab
  • Click on the Settings... button next to API v1 Token
  • Click on click to reveal to get the token
  • Then copy/paste the token into the command line

How does the overtime calculation work?

  • If there is at least one time entry on a work-day (default: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri), we assume it is an actual work day
  • If there is no time entry on a work-day, we assume it is a holiday or vacation. Might seem dangerous at first, but this makes using the tool a lot easier.
  • If it is a work day then calculate overtime: daily overtime = sum(all time entries for that day) - configured working hours per day
  • For non work-days (default: Sat, Sun) we do not subtract the configured working hours. Basically all time entries on such a day will be added to overtime. The calculation becomes: daily overtime = sum(all time entries for that day)

How do I use overtime in the tool?

Just work less than you are supposed to. If you are supposed to work 8 hours each day and you only make time entries for 6 hours, then 2 hours will be deducted from your overtime.

If you want to take a full day off then just add a time entry with zero hours.