Massively parallel solver of systems of linear equations using Multilevel Balancing Domain Decomposition based on Constraints (BDDC).
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Multilevel BDDC solver library 

Install notes: 

1. Create a within the main directory - can be done by editing
   make sure all necessary external libraries are available:
   These include: 
   BLOPEX ( ) 
   MUMPS  ( )                             
   ParMETIS ( ) 
   LAPACK ( ) 
   BLAS ( )
    ( LAPACK and BLAS are often included in numerical libraries such as MKL )

2. type make 
   This should first compile object and modules of src/ folder, 
   create library libbddcml.a in lib/ folder,
   and finally compile example solvers in examples/ solver.

For additional info, see
In case help is needed, write to Jakub Sistek ( ).

The library provides a simple interface callable from Fortran and C. The solution proces is
operated by several routines consequently called. 

Two different modes are possible for input 
- user can either provide information about global mesh and a file with element matrices, or
- user can provide division into subdomains on the first level and pass 
  subdomain matrices for each subdomain to the routine