LES Taxonomy

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  • Selts - Seltsi uudised ja tegevused.
    Society - Society's news and activities.

  • Koor - Koori uudised ja tegevused.
    Choir - Choir news and activities.

  • Rahvatants - Rahvatantsu uudised ja tegevused.
    Folk Dance - Folk dance news and activities.

  • Sport - Spordiklubi uudised ja tegevused.
    Sport - Sport club news and activities.

  • Arhiiv - Arhiivi uudised ja tegevused.
    Archive - Archive news and activities.

  • Film - Filmi uudised ja tegevused.
    Film - Film news and activities.

  • Raamatukogu - Raamatukogu uudised ja tegevused.
    Library - Library news and activities.

  • Juhatus - Seltsi juhatuse tegevused.
    Committee - Society's committee activities.

  • Väline - Uudised ja tegevused välistest kanalitest.
    External - News and activities from external sources.

If you want to automatically import Estonian terms, then enable module Taxonomy CSV and then go to Struktuur -> Klassifikatsioon and click IMPORT CSV (make sure you're in Estonian version of website)

  • Choose: Väljad
  • Set order of items on a csv line: name, vocabulary_machine_name, description, format, weight, parent, name_field, description_field
  • Click Where are items to import?
  • Tick In a distant file
  • Set path: http://wwwtest.londonieestiselts.co.uk/lestax_et.csv
  • Click Impordi

You need to manually add English translation though. Click Muuda on term and select Tõlge.

"Arhiiv","tegevused","Arhiivi uudised ja tegevused.","wysiwyg","4","","",""  
"Film","tegevused","Filmi uudised ja tegevused.","wysiwyg","5","","",""
"Juhatus","tegevused","Seltsi juhatuse tegevused.","wysiwyg","7","","",""
"Koor","tegevused","Koori uudised ja tegevused.","wysiwyg","1","","",""
"Raamatukogu","tegevused","Raamatukogu uudised ja tegevused.","wysiwyg","6","","",""
"Rahvatants","tegevused","Rahvatantsu uudised ja tegevused.","wysiwyg","2","","",""
"Selts","tegevused","Seltsi uudised ja tegevused.","wysiwyg","0","","",""
"Sport","tegevused","Spordiklubi uudised ja tegevused.","wysiwyg","3","","",""
"Väline","tegevused","Uudised ja tegevused välistest kanalitest.","wysiwyg","8","","",""