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crazystick edited this page Sep 16, 2012 · 12 revisions
  1. Enable module LES Slideshow.
  2. Go to Structure -> Blocks and add Views: Slideshow: Block to Slideshow (Slaidiseanss) region.
  3. Configure the slideshow block, set show on <front>
  4. Go to Content Types -> Slaidiseanss and click Edit.
  5. Click on Publishing Options and untick Show on Frontpage - in some reason it doesn't export this setting with Features.


Below is the configuration when you didn't use LES Slideshow module:

Basically just follow guide here I skipped Image Cache thumbnail bit but the full size image should be 590x335 to fit template TB Brave. Will add additional information here for extra configuration. Also I used name Slideshow instead of a Featured Slider.

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