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This module wraps the MPC library functions.

This version of Math::MPC needs mpc-0.8 or later.

The MPC library is a C library for multiple-precision complex number
computations with exact rounding. It is based on the MPFR C library
which, in turn, is based on the GMP C library.

MPC, like MPFR and GMP, is free. It is distributed under the
GNU Lesser General Public License (GNU Lesser GPL).

Because this module wraps the MPC functions, it requires that the
MPC library (version 0.8.0 or later), the GMP library (version 4.3.2
or later) and the MPFR library (version 2.4.2 or later) have been

For the GMP library see:

For the MPFR library see:
Do not use the (outdated) MPFR library source that ships with the
GMP source.

For the MPC library see:

You'll also need to have Math::MPFR (version 2.01 or later) installed.

To build this module you need perl 5.6.0 or later. I'm not sure of all
the requirements to get it to build with earlier versions of perl, but
it's definite that the XS code relating to operator overloading will
not compile with perl versions prior to 5.6.

Build in the usual way:

 perl Makefile.PL
 make test
 make install

When building this module, the MPC, GMP and MPFR libraries will need to be
accessible. If those files are in a location where your compiler does
not find them by default, then instead of running 'perl Makefile.PL',
you'll need to run:

perl INC="-I/path/to/gmp_includes -I/path/to/mpfr_includes -I/path/to/mpc/include"
 LIBS="-L/path/to/mpc_lib -lmpc -L/path/to/mpfr_lib -lmpfr -L/path/to/gmp_lib -lgmp"

64-bit-int and long double support

If your perl's Config reports that 'ivsize' is greater than or
equal to 8 && 'ivtype' is not 'long', then Math::MPC will, by default,
be built with access to the mpc_*_uj and mpc_*_sj functions. Else,
access to those functions is, by default, denied. You can override the
default by opening up the Makefile.PL and uncommenting the appropriate
line (just a few lines down from the top of the file ... the comments in
that file should make it clear).

Similarly, if your perl's Config reports that 'nvsize' is greater than
8 then Math::MPC will be built with access to the mpc_*_ld functions.
Else, access to those functions is, by default, denied. Again, you can
override the default by opening up the Makefile.PL and uncommenting the
appropriate line.

I believe it to be both unnecessary and inadvisable to override the
default - but if you do find that you need to override the default,
please let me know. That you have found it necessary to override the
default is something I probably ought to know about.

__float128 support

If $Config{nvtype} is __float128 then passing these values from perl
to Math::MPC will be automatically supported - using Rmpc_set_NV
and Rmpc_set_NV_NV functions.
Returning the values (as __float128) from Math::MPC has to be done via
accessing the real and imaginary parts as Math::MPFR objects (for which
you use RMPC_RE and RMPC_IM) - and then using Rmpfr_get_NV to return the
__float128 values.

_Complex C types support

The mpc library (beginning with version 0.9) provides support for assigning
and returning the 'double _Complex' and 'long double _Complex' C data types.
Therefore Math::MPC (beginning with version 0.90) provides optional support for
assigning/returning Math::Complex_C (double _Complex) objects and Math::Complex_C::L
(long double _Complex) objects, using the Rmpc_set_dc, Rmpc_set_ldc, Rmpc_get_dc and
Rmpc_get_ldc functions.

If Math::Complex_C or Math::Complex_C::L can be loaded then complex.h will be included
in the compilation and, iff _MPC_H_HAVE_COMPLEX is thereby defined (in mpc.h), then
Math::MPC will be built with support for the above mentioned set/get functions.

If there's a need to override this default behaviour, just open the Makefile.PL and
comment in the line of code that forces '$do_complex_h' to be assigned the value you
want ... either -1 (to force exclusion of support), or 1 (to force support). Then
run 'make realclean' and start over again.

Any problems, let me know.

I am contactable by email at sisyphus at(@) cpan dot (.) org.