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Superseded by sit-inbox

You can still use it for a little while, however, once sit-inbox will get support for https/ssh git endpoints, there will be no point in this hook.

SIT Git Hook

One of the important problems when distributing issues over an SCM (such as Git) is that the workflow is quite painful unless you have direct push rights to the repo.

So, in terms of Git/GitHub setup, this means that one has not only to prepare a branch with their submission, but also send a pull request, wait for one of the mainters to merge it in, slowing down the interaction significantly.

This hook is aimed to solved this problem.

The hook will validate that a new branch is being created and whatever is being pushed is only new records -- not anything outside of issues, not overwriting any existing files in records, not adding new files to existing records.

If that validation passes, the second hook will push the change out to the master repo.


Before putting these hooks into a repo, one must edit them to specify their master repository in MASTER_REPO variable in both hooks.

Deployment with Gitolite

Firstly, you need to ensure that repo-specific hooks are enabled. Add this to your gitolite rc-file:

$RC{LOCAL_CODE} = "$rc{GL_ADMIN_BASE}/local";
$RC{GIT_CONFIG_KEYS} = "sit\..*";
push @{$RC{ENABLE}}, 'repo-specific-hooks';

Secondly, you need to generate a new SSH keypair. The private key is to be shared to those who should be able to push their records. The public one needs to be copied to gitolite-admin/keydir.

Then, the hook has to be copied into gitolite-admin/local/hooks/repo-specific and configuration updated:

repo project-inbox
    RW      = sit-inbox
    RW+     = @admin
    config =
    # config sit.targetbranch = master
    option hook.pre-receive = <pre-receive-file-name> 
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