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This is primarily a bug fix release. It fixes a couple of important problems in scanning record graphs and determinism of record hashes. It also includes a few changes to improve performance in some cases.


With this release, SIT transitions from Serverless Issue Tracking to Serverless Information Tracking.

This means that it is no longer limited to tracking issues. With issue tracking functionality extracted to an independent module (modules are one of the features introduced with this release), you can track and share any kind of information.

The change that allowed this transition was mostly cosmetical (issue got renamed to item) and a module convention was introduced which makes transitioning pretty straightforward.

For existing issue tracking SIT repositories, all that needs to be one is the addition of the issue-tracking module:

If you are using a Git repository and don't want to carry the entire contents of this repository, simply using git submodules is a great way to accomplish this:

git submodule add .sit/modules/issue-tracking

This allows to pin a specific version of issue-tracking and update it when neccessary.

When not using a Git repository, or if it is preferrable to carry all the modules within your SIT repository (for example, if you don't want to depend on the availability of the module in the future), you can simply copy the entire module into .sit/modules/issue-tracking:

git clone --depth=1 .sit/modules/issue-tracking
rm -rf .sit/modules/issue-tracking/.sit .sit/modules/issue-tracking/.git

Other, more subtle changes are listed in the CHANGELOG.


The first thing you'll probably notice about this release is the new front page interface in sit-web. We've moved away from small tiles representing issues to a more conventional list. This way title issue can always be rendered in the given space. We also have a new logo designed by Ura Design. Thanks, guys!

This release also breaks a few things about how repositories and reducers should be organized.

If you have a pre-0.1.1 SIT repository, make sure to rename .reducers and .web directories inside of your reposutory to reducers and web, respectively.

Also, reducers must now use module.export to expose their function. You should prepend your custom reducers with module.export = . For standard reducers, if you haven't changed them, simply run sit populate-files inside of your repository.

A more exciting addition to reducers is that now they can use require() to load modules from inside of the reducers directory. All JavaScript files directly under reducers directly will be loaded as reducers, and any JavaScript files below that level can be loaded by those reducers using require(). This will enable code re-use, use of third-party libraries and other interesting featurs to come.

This release also addresses some of the performance issues found after the release of 0.1.0.

SIT 0.2.0 also works on Windows 7 now (something 0.1.0 didn't have!)


First public release. The intention is to get more people to try SIT out to discover bugs, flaws and help generating more awareness for those who are interested in this kind of tooling. It is by no means perfect, but at some point we needed to cut a release!

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