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^head -4 ./02-clone | sed -e 's/^^//' | sh # pre-requisite
^cd cobbler-clone
^gitk --all &
git tag at-start
git checkout -b dev1 # first developer
perl -pi -e 's/$/0/ if / = \d+$/; s/3.2.4/3.2.6/' cobbler/
git gui # please commit from the GUI
git checkout -b dev2 master # second developer
perl -pi -e 's/_,/_ABC_,/; $_=uc($_) if /def log/../^$/' cobbler/
# git diff
mv cobbler/ cobbler/modules/
# git status
git gui # please stage, then commit from the GUI
git checkout master # main trunk
git merge dev2 # order doesn't matter actually
git merge dev1
# git diff -C at-start..HEAD