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^head -4 ./02-clone | sed -e 's/^^//' | sh # pre-requisite
cd cobbler
^git config receive.denyCurrentBranch warn
^git status
#gitk --all
^gitk --all & # this is on the origin server
ls -al > orig-file1; git add orig-file1; git commit -m orig-file1-added
ls -al > orig-file2; git add orig-file2; git commit -m orig-file2-added
ls -al > orig-file3; git add orig-file3; git commit -m orig-file3-added
cd ../cobbler-clone
#gitk --all
^gitk --all & # this is on our clone
ls -al > file1; git add file1; git commit -m file1-added
ls -al > file2; git add file2; git commit -m file2-added
ls -al > file3; git add file3; git commit -m file3-added
ls -al > file4; git add file4; git commit -m file4-added
#^cd ../cobbler-clone
git push
git fetch
git rebase origin/master
git push
^cd ../cobbler
^git reset --hard HEAD
^cd ../cobbler-clone
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