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* [quick links][ql]
* [what][] is gitolite
* [why][] might you need it
+ * [who][] is using it
* [contact][] info, mailing list, IRC channel
* [license][] info
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+# who uses gitolite
+[Note that most of the users who are listed in this document are still using
+v2.x, presumably because it's working fine for them and there's no compelling
+reason to upgrade, and I still support v2 at least for critical issues].
+> > If you're using gitolite and find it very useful in some way, I would
+> > love to describe your use of it or add a link to your own description
+> > of it here. Of course, you can anonymise it as much as you need to.
+The **Fedora Project** controls access to over 10,000 package management
+repositories accessed by over 1,000 package maintainers [using
+gitolite][fedora]. This is probably the largest *confirmed* gitolite
+installation anywhere. The whole [big-config][bc] thing was initially done
+for them (their config file was so big that without the big-config changes
+gitolite would just run out of memory and die!).
+The **KDE project** [uses][kde] gitolite (in combination with redmine for
+issue tracking and reviewboard for code review). Apart from the usual access
+control, the KDE folks are heavy users of the "ad hoc repo creation" features
+enabled by wildrepos and the accompanying commands. Several of the changes to
+the "admin defined commands" were also inspired by KDE's needs. See [section
+5][s5] and [section 6][s6] of the above linked page for details.
+**Prof. Hiren Patel** of the University of Waterloo is responsible for the
+existence of the fairly popular "[wildrepos][wild]" feature. The
+documentation was pretty much written with his use case in mind, but of course
+it turns out to be useful for a lot of people, as you can see from the
+previous para on KDE's use of gitolite.
+In fact, he surprised the heck out of me recently by saying that if it hadn't
+been for this feature, he might not have used git itself -- which is a pretty
+serious compliment if you think about the magnitude of the git project and my
+little one-man show!
+He explains his use of it [here][hiren].
+**Gentoo Linux** has [just moved][gentoo1] their git repositories from gitosis
+to gitolite. There are about 200 repositories, some of them are the so called
+[overlays][gentoo2], official and unofficial/user overlays, plus several
+developer and project repositories, used by more than 1000 people. That number
+will be increased in the near future, as they are going to migrate some of
+their CVS/SVN repositories there, plus they are offering overlays hosting for
+users as well.
+**Nokia MeeGo** uses Gitolite internally, and has also contributed LDAP
+specific code (see [contrib/ldap][ldap] directory for details).
+****, the official distribution point for the Linux kernel, is the
+latest (as of 2011-10) high-visibility installation. According to [this
+email][ko-ann] to the lkml, decided to use gitolite for access
+controlling their git repos. Their [FAQ entry][ko-why] describes at a high
+level why they chose gitolite.
+This move also prompted the first ever security audit of gitolite by an
+outside party. Gitolite did great; see [here][audit] for details.
+In addition, was responsible for a serious rethink of a few rough
+edges in gitolite, and smoothing them out was fun (the "playing with gitolite"
+stuff, making the test suite simpler, "deny" rules for the entire repo).
+A general note: if you see the list of high-profile users above, you will see
+that gitolite benefits as much as they do; possibly more.
+color me happy...

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