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@@ -100,7 +100,8 @@ you should start with [appendix 1][stsapp1]. If that doesn't fix the problem, c
with the other appendices in sequence.
* Running any git clone/fetch/ls-remote or just `ssh git@server info` asks
- you for a password.
+ you for a password. (Or, if your sshd is set to use keys only, it just
+ disconnects without doing anything).
The following problem(s) indicate that your pubkey is bypassing gitolite and
going straight to a shell. You should start with [appendix 2][sshkeys-lint]
@@ -60,6 +60,10 @@ There are several changes with regard to mirroring:
g3's [triggers][] mechanism. Gitolite triggers are enabled by adding (or
uncommenting, in this case) appropriate lines in the rc file.
+ You need to either remove these files (actually symlinks) from each repo's
+ 'hooks' directory, or remove the old (v2) sources so they become broken
+ symlinks.
* The `GL_HOSTNAME` variable is now `HOSTNAME`. (Note that the rc file
syntax itself has changed quite a bit; to be accurate, HOSTNAME is not a
variable but a hash key with an associated value).
@@ -50,25 +50,21 @@ most people see:
* Authentication is most commonly done using sshd, but you can also use
[http][] if you prefer (this may require root access).
-## #contact contact
+## #contact contact and support
-**NOTE** Unless you have very good reasons, please use the mailing list below
-instead of mailing me personally. If you have to mail me, use the gmail
-address instead of my work address.
- * author:,
- * mailing list for questions and general discussion:
+ * mailing list for support and general discussion:
* subscribe address:
* mailing list for announcements and notices:
- *
* subscribe address:
* IRC: #git and #gitolite on freenode. Note that I live in India (UTC+0530
time zone).
+ * author:, but please **DO NOT** use this for general
+ support questions. Subscribe to the list and ask there instead.
## #license license
This documentation, which is maintained separately from the main gitolite
@@ -90,7 +90,9 @@ On **each** server:
repo on your workstation so you can admin them all from one place.
* Give the server a short, simple, "hostname" and set the HOSTNAME in the
- rc file to this name, for example 'mars'.
+ rc file to this name, for example 'mars'. *Note: this has nothing to do
+ with the hostname of the server in networking or DNS terms, or in OS
+ terms. This is internal to gitolite*.
* Run ssh-keygen if needed and get an ssh key pair for the server. Copy the
public key to a common area and name it after the host, but with 'server-'

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