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2020-08-04 v3.6.12 mirroring terminoligy changes
install script can now modify #! lines when using a custom
perl executable
'config' user command allows for config values with spaces
in them
finally added notes in "t/README" on testing http mode and
mirroring, with pre-build helpers for Fedora and Manjaro various bug fixes
2019-01-08 v3.6.11 fix security issue in 'rsync' (bundle helper); see commit
5df2b81 for more
2018-09-30 v3.6.10 fix up boo-boo caused by previous release; see mails on
list for details
2018-08-07 v3.6.9 prevent racy access to repos in process of migration to
'info' learns new '-p' option to show only physical repos
(as opposed to wild repos)
2018-07-12 v3.6.8 fix bug when deleting *all* hooks for a repo
allow trailing slashes in repo names
make pre-receive hook driver bail on non-zero exit of a
pre-receive hook
allow templates in gitolite.conf (new feature)
various optimiations
2017-07-02 v3.6.7 allow repo-specific hooks to be organised into
subdirectories, and allow the multi-hook driver to be
placed in some other location of your choice
allow simple test code to be embedded within the
gitolite.conf file; see contrib/utils/testconf for how.
(This goes on the client side, not on the server)
allow syslog "facility" to be changed, from the default of
allow @group names in config values to be expanded; it is
replaced with a space separated list of members
2016-09-08 v3.6.6 simple but important fix for a future perl deprecation
(perl will be removing "." from @INC in 5.24)
'perms' now requires a '-c' to activate batch mode
(should not affect interactive use but check your scripts
gitolite setup now accepts a '-m' option to supply a
custom message (useful when it is used by a script)
2016-02-20 v3.6.5 allow creator check to be bypassed during mirroring
handle new style ssh fingerprinting correctly (thanks to
Robin Johnson)
allow pre-auto-gc as a repo-specific hook
optimise mirror pushes for heavily used repos
create-with-reference trigger: on repo creation, setup
objects/info/alternates for a server side alternate object
'mirror status all all' prints a list of repos that have
*some* error, which is arguably more useful for further
allow incrementally adding more repo-specific hooks
2015-11-01 v3.6.4 a ref-create bug in wild repos was fixed
some contrib code related to AD integration, and to
redmine user aliases
teach a few new tricks
remove a race condition in 'create' command that affected
the 'default roles' setting
make 'who-pushed' more efficient (local push logs, and
'tip search')
'gitolite query-rc' learns '-d' ('--dump') option
2015-04-26 v3.6.3 allow limited use of 'git config' using the new 'config'
accept openssh 6.8's new fingerprint output format
(finally!) allow limited symlinks within ~/repositories;
see commit 8e36230 for details
perms command now lists available roles
minor backward compat breakage: 'perms -l repo' no longer
works; see 'perms -h' for new usage
allow gitolite-shell to be used as $SHELL (experts only;
no support, no docs; see commit 9cd1e37 for details)
help with 'git push --signed' using a post-receive hook to
adopt push certs into 'refs/push-certs'; for details see
new 'transparent proxy' feature for git repos; see
src/lib/Gitolite/Triggers/ for details
2014-11-10 v3.6.2 disable ../ everywhere (see mailing list thread for
VREF/NAME_NC -- like VREF/NAME but for new commits only.
Details within src/VREF/NAME_NC.
allow gitolite.conf to be tested locally; details within
2014-06-22 v3.6.1 experimental rc format convertor for "<= 3.3" users who
have already upgraded the *code* to ">= v3.4". Program is
in contrib/utils.
giving shell access to a few users got a lot easier (see
comments in the rc file).
allow logging to syslog as well (see comments in the rc
new 'motd' command
redis caching redone and now in core; see
2014-05-09 v3.6 (cool stuff) the access command can now help you debug
your rules / understand how a specific access decision was
arrived at.
mirroring: since mirroring is asynchronous (by default
anyway), when a 'git push --mirror' fails, you may not
know it unless you look in the log file on the server.
Now gitolite captures the info and -- if the word 'fatal'
appears anywhere within it, it saves the entire output and
prints it to STDERR for anyone who reads or writes the
repo on the *master* server, until the error condition
clears up.
mirroring: allow 'nosync' slaves -- no attempt to
automatically push to these slaves will be made. Instead,
you have to manually (or via cron, etc) trigger pushes.
(backward compat breakage) the old v2 syntax for
specifying gitweb owner and description is no longer
macros now allow strings as arguments (thanks to Jason
Donenfeld for the idea/problem).
the 'info' command can print in JSON format if asked to.
repo-specific hooks: now you can specify more than one,
and gitolite runs all of them in sequence.
new trigger 'expand-deny-messages' to show more details
when access is denied.
git-annex support is finally in master, yaaay!
new 'readme' command, modelled after 'desc'. Apparently
gitweb can use a README.html file in the *bare* repo
directory -- who knew!
2013-10-14 v3.5.3 catch undefined groupnames (when possible)
mirroring: async push to slaves
(some portability fixes)
(a couple of contrib scripts - querying IPA based LDAP
servers for group membership, and user key management)
allow groups in subconf files (this *may* slow down
compilation in extreme cases)
make adding repo-specific hooks easier (see cust.mkd or
cust.html online for docs)
smart http now supports git 1.8.2 and above (which changed
the protocol requirements a wee bit)
2013-07-10 v3.5.2 allow ENV vars to be set from repo options, for use in
triggers and hooks
bug-fix: the new set-default-roles feature was being
invoked on every run of "perms" and overriding it!
2013-03-24 v3.5 (2 minor backward compat breakages)
1. 'DEFAULT_ROLE_PERMS' replaced by per repo
'default.roles' option
2. 'gitolite list-memberships' now requires a '-r' or a
'-u' flag
new 'gitolite owns' command (thanks to Kevin Pulo)
2013-03-05 v3.4 new rc file format makes it much easier to enable specific
2012-12-29 v3.3 bug fix: gl-perms propagation to slaves broke sometime
after v3.2 (so if you're only picking up tagged releases
you're OK)
the "D" command now allows rm/unlock to be totally
new trigger: update-gitweb-daemon-from-options; another
way to update gitweb and daemon access lists
new 'create' command for explicit wild repo creation, and
new AutoCreate trigger to control auto-creation
allow simple macros in conf file
2012-11-14 v3.2 major efficiency boost for large setups
optional support for multi-line pubkeys; see
bug fix for not creating gl-conf when repo para has only
config lines and no access rules
new 'bg' trigger command to put long jobs started from a
trigger into background
%GL_REPO and %GL_CREATOR now work for 'option's also
test suite now much more BSD friendly
2012-10-05 v3.1 (security) fix path traversal on wild repos
new %GL_CREATOR variable for git-config lines
rsync command to create and send bundles automagically
migrated 'who-pushed'
logical expressions on refexes!!!
2012-06-27 v3.04 documentation graduated and moved out of parents house :)
new trigger for 'repo specific umask'
new 'list-dangling-repos' command
new LOCAL_CODE rc var; allow admin specified programs to
override system-installed ones
new 'upstream' trigger-cum-command to maintain local
copies of external repos
new 'sudo' command
minor backward compat breakage in 'gitolite query-rc'
'perms' command can now create repo if needed
migrated 'symbolic-ref' command
'gitolite setup --hooks-only'
2012-05-23 v3.03 fix major bug that allowed an admin to get a shell
2012-05-20 v3.02 packaging instructions fixed up and smoke tested
make it easier to give some users a full shell
allow aliasing a repo to another name
simulate POST_CREATE for new normal (non-wild) repos
(just for kicks) a VREF that allows for voting on changes
to a branch
bug fix: smart http was not running PRE_ and POST_GIT
htpasswd migrated
2012-04-29 v3.01 mostly BSD and Solaris compat
also fork command added
2012-04-18 v3.0 first release to "master"
This is a compete rewrite of gitolite; please see
documentation before upgrading.