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use strict;
use warnings;
use lib $ENV{GL_LIBDIR};
use Gitolite::Easy;
=for admins
(1) For each repo in gitolite.conf for which you want bundle support (or
'@all', if you wish), add the following line:
option bundle = 1
Or you can say:
option bundle.ttl = <number>
A bundle file that is more than <number> seconds old (default value
86400, i.e., 1 day) is recreated on the next bundle request. Increase
this if your repo is not terribly active.
Note: a bundle file is also deleted and recreated if it contains a ref
that was then either deleted or rewound in the repo. This is checked
on every invocation.
(2) Add 'rsync' to the ENABLE list in the rc file
=for usage
rsync helper for gitolite
Admins: see src/commands/rsync for setup instructions
rsync git@host:repo.bundle .
# downloads a file called "<basename of repo>.bundle"; repeat as
# needed till the whole thing is downloaded
git clone repo.bundle repo
cd repo
git remote set-url origin git@host:repo
git fetch origin # and maybe git pull, etc. to freshen the clone
NOTE on options to the rsync command: you are only allowed to use the
"-v", "-n", "-q", and "-P" options.
usage() if not @ARGV or $ARGV[0] eq '-h';
# rsync driver program. Several things can be done later, but for now it
# drives just the 'bundle' transfer.
if ( $ENV{SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND} =~ /^rsync --server --sender (?:-[vn]*(?:e\d*\.\w*)? )?\. (\S+)\.bundle$/ ) {
my $repo = $1;
$repo =~ s/\.git$//;
# all errors have the same message to avoid leaking info
can_read($repo) or _die "you are not authorised";
my %config = config( $repo, "gitolite-options.bundle" ) or _die "you are not authorised";
my $ttl = $config{'gitolite-options.bundle.ttl'} || 86400; # in seconds (default 1 day)
my $bundle = bundle_create( $repo, $ttl );
$ENV{SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND} =~ s( \S+\.bundle)( $bundle);
trace( 1, "rsync bundle", $ENV{SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND} );
Gitolite::Common::_system( split ' ', $ENV{SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND} );
exit 0;
_warn "Sorry, you are only allowed to use the '-v', '-n', '-q', and '-P' options.";
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
# helpers
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
sub bundle_create {
my ( $repo, $ttl ) = @_;
my $bundle = "$repo.bundle";
$bundle =~ s(.*/)();
my $recreate = 0;
my ( %b, %r );
if ( -f $bundle ) {
%b = map { chomp; reverse split; } `git ls-remote --heads --tags $bundle`;
%r = map { chomp; reverse split; } `git ls-remote --heads --tags .`;
for my $ref ( sort keys %b ) {
my $mtime = ( stat $bundle )[9];
if ( time() - $mtime > $ttl ) {
trace( 1, "bundle too old" );
if ( not $r{$ref} ) {
trace( 1, "ref '$ref' deleted in repo" );
if ( $r{$ref} eq $b{$ref} ) {
# same on both sides; ignore
delete $r{$ref};
delete $b{$ref};
`git rev-list --count --left-right $b{$ref}...$r{$ref}` =~ /^(\d+)\s+(\d+)$/ or _die "git too old";
if ($1) {
trace( 1, "ref '$ref' rewound in repo" );
} else {
trace( 1, "no bundle found" );
return $bundle if not $recreate;
trace( 1, "creating bundle for '$repo'" );
-f $bundle and ( unlink $bundle or die "a horrible death" );
system("git bundle create $bundle --branches --tags >&2");
return $bundle;
sub trace {